06 May 2011

Friday Fab: Cheers to Kori!

Lots going on here at Pink Champagne today and this weekend, so let's dive right in! First, I want to send a huge congratulations and big hugs to my wonderful friend Kori of Blonde Episodes. Today is the day of her novel release, and I could not be more thrilled for her. Gorgeous cover, oui?

Two of my blogging besties Julie & Daphne are hosting a blog party in her honor, and of course I RSVPed yes! (Aren't they just the sweetest?) Will you too? Link up and join the fun, ladies - we have something to cel-e-brate! 

Today, I raise my champagne flute to you, Miss Kori. Cheers to you! Chin, chin!

I got goosebumps when I read this teaser...

Bobbi had always wanted to find Mr. Right. But, as a young, independent woman in her late 20's, Hollywood was probably not the right place to find him, especially in the 1950's.

Just when she thinks she's found her Prince Charming, she gets involved in something sinister.

Bodies are appearing all over town, and if she doesn't figure it out, she'll be the next murder victim...on the Boulevard.

This lady is S-O-L-D! I cannot wait for the paperback to be released, but for now you can get it for your Kindle here.

Today is also the beginning of a very busy weekend at the Champagne Chateau... I have a dinner date with an old girlfriend tonight while Husband is off to the Bruins game with the boys. We are keeping our fingers crossed for a beautiful boat day tomorrow with friends, followed by a bridal shower, followed by a bachelorette party! (Three cheers for wedding season approaching - I'm starting to have major wedding withdrawal.) For Mother's Day, we are hosting brunch at our home, so there is lots of cooking, cleaning, and decorating to do!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend and sending warm Mother's Day wishes to all the mommas out there! XOXO


Kori said...

Thank you so much for linking up and mentioning me today honey! You are amazing. I feel so much love from all of you and can't believe you are helping me to achieve my dream. *kisses* Kori xoxo

Muffy said...

Congrats to Kori!!!

Julie Leah said...

So happy you linked up today, doll!! Love the way you put this post together for our sweet and talented Kori :)

Happy weekend!! xo

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Can't wait to read her book this summer! Have a great weekend!